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Before purchasing ANY CBD Oil product there are things you need to know.    They are not all created equal!  Some are chemically created, some have fillers and cheap oil instead of Hemp Seed Oil, and some don't even have any CBD in them.  So how do you know what you are getting?  Ask for documentation - 3rd-Party Lab Results from a respected lab.  If they don't show documentation, shop elsewhere.   Do they have a 60-day money-back guarantee?  I am proud to represent a brand that  does, is of the highest quality, and proudly displays lab documentation on their website. 

I found a pure, quality CBD Oil while looking for a natural pain relief solution for my grandson.  After surgery, with no answers for the cause of his pain, the doctor decided that he needed pain management.  Well, that meant nerve blocking, and I was not glad about that and its risks.   A friend recommended CBD Oil that she was using for relief.  She told me , "I got my life back!" after using CBD Oil.  So I started researching Hemp CBD Oil, and the company she  trusted.  It sounded worth a try, especially with the guarantee, so I bought it.  My grandson uses it daily now.

Hemp History

In our country's infancy, hemp was required by law to be grown by farmers.  It was used for clothing, rope, paper, but now is used also as a food supplement and bio-fuel.  The government stopped the hemp farming to help the tobacco industry when they misunderstood the plant as  being the same as marijuana and outlawed both.

The 2014 Farm Bill changed that when somes states were allowed, under restrictions and licensing, to grow, research, and distribute hemp products for sale.   The 2018 Farm Bill separated HEMP from Marijuana so it is no longer considered a Schedule 1 drug.  States still have the right to not allow it, but that is changing quickly as only a few states are not on board yet.   However, it is legal to ship it from states that have licensed it. 

Ask for my paper - "What You Need to Know Before Buying ANY CBD Oil.

CBD Oil is not for everybody.  Some people should never take it, and some people could lose their job if they take the wrong one.  Do you know what is in your CBD Oil?  Do you know if you are one of those people?

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Buy one, two or - Buy 3 and Get One Free!

Buy any 3 CBD Hemp Oil Products (valued at $69 each) - Get an additional product of equal value FREE.   That is 4 products for less than the price of  3.     Mix and Match, Share with friends and family, save even more when purchasing 12 items.    

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